Brownies Delivered

Brownies Delivered

Our selection of brownies vary from a classic brownie, to special flavoured brownies in our seasonal boxes. The most popular is our Brownie variety box! Click the view all button to see everything.

Your Brownies Delivered

We offer our brownies in boxes of 6 or 12, or in a mixed box with our Blondies, and a seasonal variety box so you can keep trying new flavours!

As well as our variety and seasonal boxes, we can make a traybake for you in any classical brownie flavour, or using your favourite biscuit or chocolate bar!

If you want to suggest an additional flavour for either our choose your own Brownie, or the next seasonal box, please let us know.

What is a Brownie?

A brownie is a classic mix of cocoa powder, egg, flour, butter and sugar combined and baked in the oven. It should have a nice crisp outside and either a soft and gooey or cakey centre. You can be customise them with all sorts of ingredients to change the consistency and flavour.

The History of Brownies

It is thought by some that the brownie originated from an American cook’s chocolate cake accidentally made without baking powder. Another origin story however, is that a hotel in Chicago made them to be put into packed lunches, requiring something slightly smaller than a piece of cake.

Cooks began to publish the first known recipes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They often involved nuts and varying between cake like and fudgy/gooey consistencies.

How Do You Make A Great Brownie?

The first answer is: don’t worry about it, there are plenty available in our shop!

The more complicated answer is much longer. It really depends on personal preference. You need to consider what texture and flavour you’d like, the main variances are the ingredients and the bake. If you prefer them more gooey, bake at a higher heat for a shorter time. A lower and slower bake will bring a more cake like consistency.

The flavours you add in (you can buy liquid flavourings, or simply pieces of your favourite chocolate bars, sweets or nuts) can vary in strength and will alter as they cook so bear that in mind if you’re trying to make them yourself. It’s a great bake to do with the kids!

The easiest option though is to let us bake the brownies for you!