Blondies Delivered

Blondies Delivered

We have a selection of Blondies, varying from a classic white chocolate version, to our choose your flavour specials! Our most popular is the Blondie variety box! Click on View All to see every Blondie product.

Your Blondies Delivered

Our Blondies come in our regular boxes of 6 or 12, and in our mixed boxes with Brownies too. We also do seasonal mixed boxes too, so you can try some new flavours. We also have traybakes of classic Blondie flavours, or featuring either your favourite biscuit, or your favourite chocolate bar!

If there is a flavour you would love but can’t see it, then please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll see if we can make you a traybake especially for you! You can also suggest a flavour for the next seasonal box.

What Is A Blondie?

A Blondie is the lighter coloured sister of the Brownie. The recipe doesn’t contain either cocoa or chocolate. They can contain white chocolate instead, keeping the colour the same. It gives it a sweeter, milkier flavour and lends itself to different flavour combinations as a result.

In terms of consistency, they normally fit somewhere in between a gooey brownie and a cakey brownie.

The History of Blondies

Many people think that the Blondie actually came before the more well know brownie. People began making them and only later added the chocolate into recipes. It is thought that they originated in the United States. Molasses was used in the first known recipes however, meaning a darker colour, and thus they were referred to as brownies. The first references to these recipes is around the end of the 19th century.

How Do You Make A Great Blondie?

Just head over to our shop and buy one!

If you are looking to make your own, you need to consider your flavours and texture. If you alter one it will change the other so it’s a tricky balancing act. Choose flavours that go with the lighter flavours of white chocolate, and look to get a soft middle and crunchier edges.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect, it takes a lot of experience with the ingredients, but also with your oven to get it perfect every time.

That’s why we always recommend buying them from us instead!